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  • Abandon Traditional Constraints/Build High Efficiency Test System!

    ITECH ATE power supply is officially launched, bringing unprecedented freedom and flexibility to your test system! No longer constrained by traditional panel design, let us break the constraints and build a smarter and more flexible test system together.

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  • Does your electronic load support one device with multiple functions?

    Traditional power supply testing requires engineers to manually set the parameters of the DC electronic load for pull-load testing, manually record the output parameters of the power supply under different load conditions, and then the operator to judge whether the power supply is qualified according to the standard, which is extremely inefficient and seriously affects the engineer's test verification and product delivery cycle. Moreover, when the traditional electronic load measures the ripple of the switching power supply, it is necessary to use an oscilloscope and a current probe together, which is not only expensive, but also extremely complicated to connect.

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  • Application of DC Power Supply in Testing Superconducting Materials

    Superconductors are conductors that have zero resistance and complete flux repulsion effects at a certain temperature. This characteristic sets them apart from all other conductive materials in that they do not lose energy or heat when current flows through them. If superconductors are used to make transformers, generators, motors, current limiters, and energy storage systems, efficient power grids and motors can be realized. Superconducting magnets made from superconducting coils can be used in magnetic resonance imaging and artificially controlled nuclear fusion and other fields. The antimagnetic properties of superconductors also make them an option for magnetic levitation trains.

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  • ITECH accurately unlocks the new energy fuse test for you

    In the new energy industry, the output of batteries and photovoltaic solar panels is DC, and the energy storage and power generation systems composed of them have a high proportion of DC power supply systems.

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  • Five advanced features of IT9100 power meter, have you used them?

    "Charging for 5 minutes, talking for two hours" is known to almost everyone, but how does the voltage and current of the battery of the mobile phone change within five minutes of charging the mobile phone, and how much electricity is charged to the battery within five minutes? Smart home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, what is the current change and power consumption in different function modes and when they are in standby? These questions actually just use a power meter will allow us to see the process and results clearly!

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