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Seven operating modes and eight fast charging communication protocols make your testing easier!

​01 Charging time test According to the standards, the charging time of battery fast charging technology should be within 1 hour. If the charging time exceeds 1 hour, it cannot be called fast charging technology.

02 Charging efficiency standard

According to the standards, the charging efficiency of battery fast charging technology should be above 90%. If the charging efficiency is less than 90%, it cannot be called fast charging technology.

03 Charging temperature standard

According to the standards, the charging temperature change of battery fast charging technology should be within 10°C. If the charging temperature changes by more than 10°C, it cannot be called fast charging technology.

For this fast charging test, there are many protocols, such as: QC2.0\QC3.0\PE+\PE2.0\PD3.0\FCP\SCP. When testing this type of protocol, what is particularly important is the high accuracy, high speed and high resolution of the test load. Whether it is laboratory testing or production line system integration, you can find it in ITECH's rich power load product line Suitable product. In order to meet this set of fast charging tests, ITECH launched the fast charging test solution IT8500G+ series programmable DC electronic load.

In the past, when normally testing a fast charging head, a decoder must be connected between the fast charging head and the electronic load to test the fast charging. However, IT8500G+ DC electronic load solves this cumbersome step for customers. IT8500G+ comes with a variety of fast charging protocols: QC2.0\QC3.0\PE+\PE2.0\PD3.0\FCP\SCP, providing customers with a faster testing solution:

Test Background: The customer used an IT8511AG+ programmable DC electronic load to conduct charging tests with a cell phone adapter developed by his company.

Test process: IT8511AG + electronic load directly through the fast-charging board connected to the cell phone adapter for charging test, IT8511AG + comes with a variety of protocols can be fully compatible with customer products, the customer's test saves a lot of wiring steps as well as the test process, IT8511AG + electronic load comes with a fast-charging test mode is also very easy to get started, set up the steps are simple and clear. At the same time, the product's detect function can help customers measure whether the wire specification is in line with the standard. IT8511AG + electronic load built-in rich fast-charging protocol can not only meet the test of cell phone adapter can also meet the mobile power, fast-charging charging treasure test.

IT8500G+ high-performance programmable DC electronic load both desktop and system integration dual-use requirements, not only can realize simple and fast for customers to provide the above fast-charging test, but also can be applied to industrial power supply modules, power electronics and other test areas, not only with the traditional CC/CV/CR/CP load mode, while providing CR + CC/CV + CC/CR-LED composite load modes, choose the IT8500G+ to make your test faster and simpler.

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