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IT7800 AC constant current source function for current sensor testing

Most of the AC power supplies on the market are AC constant voltage sources, in some specific test scenarios, such as for current sensors, current transformers, wiring harnesses, connectors, circuit breakers, low-voltage appliances and other products will need to use the AC constant current source, AC constant current source can be set according to the value of the current and the frequency of a certain voltage range within the output in order to verify the accuracy of the current or current-carrying capacity.

Current Sensor

Practical application examples:

A customer requires to realize AC and DC 30A test for AC sensors respectively, if it is a traditional test solution, it will need to use a DC constant current source and an AC constant current source respectively, however, IT7800 high-power programmable AC and DC power supply can satisfy it.

AC Constant Current 50A Test

Select Current Source in the machine menu, select AC mode, and set only the output current value and frequency value. The voltage follows the constant current value and the impedance value of the object to be measured in the loop, and as long as it is satisfied within the range of 350V, constant current output is possible.

Figure 2 IT7800 AC Constant Current 30A 50Hz Waveforms

DC constant current 30A test

Under Current Source, select AC+DC mode, set AC value to 0 and DC value to 30A, which can realize the function of DC constant current 30A.

Figure 3 IT7800 Constant Current Source Mode Setting Interface

Figure 4 IT7800 AC Constant Current 50A Waveforms

IT7800 series of high power programmable AC power supplies can provide pure AC/DC output, and also provide AC+DC output mode to test DC bias components, single three-phase switching allows users to simulate three-phase voltage dips and three-phase voltage imbalance. Voltage, frequency, phase and other parameters can also be edited. In addition to the above functions of voltage source, it also provides the function of constant current source, provides AC and AC+DC modes, and supports single-phase and inverted-phase switching. It also has AC measurement and analysis functions, and can be widely used in many stages of product development, production and quality inspection in many fields such as distributed energy, smart grid and new energy.

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