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Must-know bi-directional I/O linkage control tips for the intelligent era

Intelligent manufacturing has accelerated in recent years, penetrating into the automotive, new energy, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing and other industries, leading industrial transformation and upgrading. Through data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, intelligent manufacturing can automatically make decisions, optimize the production process, highly automated to complete the production task, reduce human intervention, significantly improve production accuracy, production quality, production efficiency.

Intelligent control cannot be separated from flexible and efficient automation equipment. ITECH products, as test and measurement instruments widely used in industrial production lines, are characterized by high speed and high precision, built-in automation test functions, and a variety of communication interfaces available to help users complete automation work.

Take the digital I/O function as an example, the small interface on the back panel of the power supply is inconspicuous, but it bears a lot of industrial control functions.ATE system realizes large-scale production, and there is usually an automatic control mechanism between different equipments in the system. Programmable power supply and other products in their own power supply, test work, but also need to provide the working state to other equipment, IO port is used more and more frequently.

ITECH IT6000B/C/D series has source and load system, bi-directional DC power supply, high power power supply and other products, the user can control the power supply through the I/O port protection status output, clear the protection, trigger signals, ON/OFF control and other functions, interface pulse, PWM level input or output can be set. It also supports the customization of various special requirements through the wiring of different pins.

IT6000B/C/D Series Backplanes

For example, the input control application of digital I/O interface, set an external instrument failure will output a fixed pulse or level signal, the power supply recognizes the input signal can control the power supply output to reduce to 0 or OFF output, to realize the linkage.

Digital I/O interface can also output signals, such as the power state output drive optocoupler, optocoupler drive controller. Optocouplers use light as a medium to couple the signal from the input to the output, and are widely used in digital circuits because of their advantages of small size, long service life, no contact, high interference immunity, insulation between output and input, and unidirectional transmission of signals.

ITECH also provides a perfect solution to the problem of high drive current required by optocouplers. Take the MRI-05D48 optocoupler as an example:

MRI-05D48 Optocoupler

The actual construction of IO2,3,6 three-way, the specific program wiring is as follows:

Multiple Optocoupler Driver Circuit

The actual test IO port waveforms are as follows:

IO port high level cut low level

IO Port Low Level Cut High Level

IO port customized output PWM pulse

ITECH digital I/O interfaces are available with conventional drive capabilities and specialized solutions for automation needs.

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